About us 

At The Lauren Jarvis School of Skating, we teach roller skating skills and techniques from beginner standard to World Class standard, with the focus being on independent learning journeys and accelerated learning cycles. 

Our classes offer inclusion of artistry in roller skating as well as perfecting skills like balance, posture, speed and precision. We aim to move skaters out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone, so every session continues improvement. Roller skating at our Skating School develops individuals in confidence, self-discipline and motivation as well as physical skills such as flexibility, coordination and strength. We teach skills-based and games based classes with the aim to improve skating ability and confidence. Every individual will have a different goal they would like to achieve. Whether it is learning to do awesome jumps on skates to impress at the skate park, or develop their coordination, we can help all reach these unique targets. 

Saying your hobby is roller skating instantly intrigues people!

Our school focusses on progress of the individual as a whole. We provide a safe and secure learning space for all of our skating students so they can learn to fail, overcome challenges and problem solve with the support of the coaches and team mates around them. When skills become more advanced, the skaters learn how to be resilient. We teach them how to change their mindset from the 'fear zone' into a positive challenge and remind them of their current progress in their skating journey. 

This sport is completely different from any other you would have tried, so give it a go!  

We aim to get more local people into roller skating through our fun and engaging Learn2Skate sessions. We want to get more people involved in this awesome sport! 

Skating is a very challenging sport, a skater is always learning and developing, even after 15+ years in the sport. Skaters at The Lauren Jarvis School of Skating are taught how to independently learn and self correct through our teaching style, we help them understand how to do a movement and where they may need to focus on their technique more. 

Learning is fun, especially when you nail a skill you've been working on for a few sessions and have the most supportive coaches and teammates around you! 


We are offering afterschool Learn2Skate lessons all over Gloucester! With roller skating becoming such a popular sport, we have decided to bring the coaches to you!

Learn2Skate classes offer a range of fun games which enhance our teaching of basic skills. The main skills we begin to focus on are balance, speed and safety. Our super enjoyable games consolidate learning. 

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Everyone starts the same, you decide where the journey takes you

Private sessions

We offer private sessions with Principal Coach Lauren. These sessions are great if you would like a more focused lesson on a particular skill you'd like to learn or improve on. You can book either a 1:2:1 session or get a small group together. 

Sessions are to be booked by the skater at a time when the coach is available.

Private sessions are for skaters who can confidently skate independently and are reaching to achieve their next skating challenge. 

Private session coach fee is £40 per hour (not including hall fee) maximum number of skaters in a private session is 4. 

We also offer disco sessions. In these fun sessions we blast the newest pop songs, and some great throwback tunes, disco lights are on! We can help with beginners in these sessions. Confidence on wheels is key in roller skating, these sessions are perfect for improving confidence. These sessions are great for skaters learning to build up speed and practice their stroke skating techniques. 

Our team

The Lauren Jarvis School of Skating has a very small team of coaches, there are very few skaters in the Gloucester area who have the same level of experience and expertise as Lauren. Not only do we develop our skaters, but we also work on improving our coaches knowledge, understanding and training. Rubee has been coached in her solo career by Lauren for the past five years, in this time Rubee has been learning RollArt as well as how to organize and lead sessions. Rachel has been assisting Lauren with Showcases and beginner sessions for the past year. Her RollArt knowledge is backed up by her international experience. Altogether they make a knowledgeable, creative and supportive coaching team. 

Accountant and Assistant Coach

Rachel Jarvis 

Rachel is currently studying a Masters in Maths at Leeds University, along with continuing her solo dance skating career. She has recently competed at the Artistic world Cup in Portugal. 

Since she began skating at the age of 4, Rachel has had many impressive skating achievements including: Junior GB Champion, 5x Cup of Europe selection, European Championships selection, World Cup selection and selection for the World Roller Games in Barcelona, 2019, where Lauren was her GB coach. 

She has been coaching national level skaters as a consultant for a few years, including characterisation and dance technique. 

Assistant Coach 

Rubee Burns 

Rubee began skating when she was 9 years old and quickly got the bug for the sport! Under Lauren's coaching, Rubee gained a top 4 GB ranking in 2021, her best national achievement. Her impressive score and ranking lead to her first team GB selection for the Artistic World Cup in Trieste, Italy 2022. 

Her coaching skills are developing through her college course, work experience in primary schools and assisting Lauren in classes. 

Rubee is a very supportive teammate and role model for all skaters. She has been coaching younger skaters from beginner level to STAR 7 for the past year. She has also mastered the analysis and self-help methods we teach for independent improvement, so is an advocate personal development. 

Director and Principal Coach 

Lauren Jarvis 

With her background as a GB national champion, GB team captain and team GB competitor, Lauren decided to set up her own club for competitive skating under GB Skate Artistic in 2019. Now she is bringing roller skating to local communities to spread her passion for the sport. 

She has developed her knowledge over her 17 years competing, completing the World Skate Academy, her choreography was awarded A* at A-level and she has six years of high level coaching experience. 

In her three years being Head Coach she has achieved GB national titles, team GB selection for Hettange 2019, and the World Cup 2022 in Italy.

"I've always enjoyed helping my skating peers in training sessions. When I started coaching my own club, my passion for developing individuals grew. It's very satisfying passing on my knowledge to the next generation of skating talent." 

Lauren Jarvis

Discover more about our Principal coach. Before her coaching career began, Lauren has a very successful and enjoyable solo dance career competing in many international events. 

Team GB career 

* GB National Champion 

* 2x GB team Captain 

* 13x GB international Competitions 

* 8x GB top 3 ranking 

* Ranked 7th at the Cup of Europe in Porto, Portugal

* Ranked 18th at the World Roller Games, Nanjing, China 

* Competed in Holland, Italy, Portugal, France and China for GB.

* European championships selection 

* World Championships selection 

* 6x Cup of Europe selection 

Coaching career 

* 2019 GB Mini title 

* 2019 GB Espoir title 

* 2021 GB Mini title

* 2022 GB Espoir title

* 2019 Hettange, France selection 

*2022 Trieste, Italy. Artistic World Cup selection

* 2022 international squad selections 

Chorography consultant from 2016-2018 with all routines placing in the top 3 ranks nationally. 


"My daughter recently joined Lauren's classes, I cannot recommend enough. 

Both Lauren and Rubee (the instructors) bring the best out of the kids with their friendly talented encouraging personalities.

My daughter is 6 and after 3 sessions I have noticed a difference in her confidence and self-belief. Highly recommend!!"

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