Learn2Skate sessions include a fun warmup to music, games-based learning and STARS. 

Our most popular games are roller limbo, musical statues, roller hockey, slalom and racing games.

These sessions are an hour long, we mix in detailed skill learning with fun game-based consolidation, so there is never a dull moment!


Fearlessness gets you far 

Most people are fooled by the beautiful costumes and elegance of roller skating. This sport takes guts. It is great for those who have no fear of falling over.

 All ages and abilities can join our Learn2Skate classes, we differentiate learning to suit the capability of the individual. If you want something more challenging we've got a huge list of awesome tricks we can teach you!

For the absolute beginners, we focus on safety first! Skaters must learn how to fall over minimizing injury, and how to safely get back up. As well as our rules including no drinking on the rink, floor etiquette and injury prevention. 

STAR levels

STAR levels include a variety of different skills and tricks which increase in difficulty as skaters progress through the levels. The skaters have an individual learning plan which helps them become more advanced at their own pace.

Examples of skills:

* stag jumps 

* spins

* stroke skating 

* cross overs 

* forwards and backwards snake pattern

* teapot 

* cartwheel 

* three jump 


Skaters earn star badges when they have mastered all the skills in a STAR level. The highest level is STAR 17 

Spread eagles are in STAR level 6 - there are lots of different variations we teach including heel spread, with bent knees, outside spreads and Ina Bauers. 

These are great for changing directions and getting around corners. This technique leads onto more challenging skills like mohawks. 

Balance is a key skill in roller skating, it will come more naturally to some skaters however we teach the balancing basics to all our students. 


We encourage our skaters to put their balance to the test by exploring  acro-skating if they feel confident enough to! This involves heel stretches, scales, arabesques, cartwheels and the splits! 

"I never want to leave skating when the session is over, I just want to skate more!"

After skaters can balance and speed skate, they can attempt more difficult skills like edges and jumps on the move! 

We build this up through games like roller limbo, roller hockey and a variety of fun cone games. 

Learning is FUN


Life skills and skating

Roller skating is a great form of fitness as it works on athletes’ cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength/endurance, and mental fitness. We teach skaters how to learn both independently and working alongside peers or coaches. They learn great communication skills, which, along with personal progression in the sport, boosts their confidence in all aspects. Roller skating also allows exposure to setting personal goals, this instigates internal motivation for skaters to achieve their next target. When goals get more advanced the skaters learn how to be resilient. We teach them how to change their mindset when they find a particular movement difficult into a positive challenge, with lots of tips and encouragement from the coaches. 


"I love skating, I wish I could go everyday to see my friends and coaches and practice my dances. My favourite part is doing scales and 3-turns and all the games!"

The skills you learn in skating help you in all aspects of life

* team work, communication and leadership skills

* resilience 

* problem solving 

* determination and commitment 

* self awareness 

* drive for achievement

* respect 

* creativity 


Progression from Learn2Skate into the competitive world of skating is possible when skaters reach STAR 6 and above. This is through invitation only - check out our competitive team on Instagram. 


Coming to schools near you!

We are so excited to be coming to schools in the Gloucester community to introduce more children to our Learn2Skate sessions! 

School sessions are for the students of the school only.

Timetable of lessons

Lessons are booked on a termly basis. To book onto these lessons you need you contact our email address. Please do not turn up to lessons, you will not be able to skate. 


15:15-16:15 LJS - For the students of LJS only - fully booked

18:00-19:00 GL1 leisure centre. For adults, children and families of all ages. You must be able to independently skate to attend. Not suitable for new skaters - fully booked


15:00-16:00 LIS - for students of the school only - spaces available

15:15-16:00 HCOE - for students only - Coming soon.

16:45-17:45 - churchdown community centre. Children's Learn2Skate - fully booked


15:15-16:15 SPCS - for the students of SPCS only - fully booked


15:15-16:00 HWI - for the students only - fully booked

17:00-18:00 Churchdown Community centre - for children aged 14 and under - fully booked

18:00-19:00 Fitness for skaters. Coming soon


15:15-16:00 S&CPC - for the students only. Coming soon

19:00-20:00 Brockworth sports centre


For all the family. All ages and abilities welcome. No booking required. Please see the disco tab for the dates. 


13:00-14:30 YMCA - Family Skating session. 

30 mins - skating to music/warm up game/speed skate

45 mins - lessons and games

15 mins - independent skating to music/speed skate

Pay as you go 

Coming soon

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